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Rodney Schulz
Rodney Schulz

About Us

RealPhotos.net is wholly owned by Schulz Media, LLC, which is incorporated in Texas.  Rodney Schulz, owner of Schulz Media, is an internationally published author in the area of oil and gas economics and uncertainty as well as a registered independent financial advisor who manages tens of millions of dollars.  One of the ways Rod financed his undergraduate petroleum engineering degree from the University of Kansas was taking party pictures for University Photography on full commission.  In addition to his engineering degree, Rod has an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business’ full time, day time program.

Rod’s previous photography instructors include Peter Brown of Rice University, who has works in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and other reputable venues and has a gallery named after him at Rice University.  Rod has also taken classes from Doug Box, Master Photographer who has taught around the world, and Randy Kerr, whose photos have been featured on ABC World News with Peter Jennings, the History Channel and the NBC Today show.  In fact, during one of Rod’s classes with Doug and Randy, David Valdez, the former presidential photographer for George H.W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, visited the class to offer tips and suggestions to Rod and the other small number of students.  After his presidential photography tenure, Valdez became the head of photography for the Disney Corporation in Florida.  Thus, in summary, Rod has received training from some of the world’s preeminent photographers.

Is RealPhotos.net just a hobby?  Absolutely not!  Like other parts of Schulz Media, we provide quality products that we stand behind with a full money back guarantee.

Full Guarantee

RealPhotos.net stands behind its digital downloads and prints with a no-hassle money back guarantee.  However, for orders of over $750.00 RealPhotos.net may suggest that you first purchase a smaller print at a discounted price that will apply 100% toward a reduction in the price of your larger print.  In these cases you do, of course, keep the smaller print that you essentially get for free.  We want for you to delighted with your purchase, but we also don’t want for you to have to return a large print due to inconvenience and shipping expense.  Nevertheless, we are fully confident in our products, their value and your pleasure with the purchase.

Digital Downloads

  • Each digital download comes with a royalty-free license (see below)
  • Just about every photo on RealPhotos.net has a free download option that comes with the royalty-free license.
  • Digital Download Sizes (available for most photos)
    • Small (free):  450×675 pixels, which is 2×3 inches at 225 pixels per inch.  The size of these files generally ranges from 200-300 kb.
      • This license is only good so long as the RealPhotos.net logo isn’t removed or obscured.
        • While the small, free download has the RealPhotos.net logo in a bottom corner of the image, the purchased downloads and prints DO NOT have the RealPhotos.net logo displayed.
    • Medium:  1200×1800 pixels, which is 4×6 inches at 300 pixels per inch.  The size of these files generally ranges from 1-1.5 MB.
    • Large:  2400×3600 pixels, which is 8×12 inches at 300 pixels per inch.  The size of these files generally ranges from 5-6 MB.

License Terms for Downloads

The download license is as follows:

  1. Perpetual with no expiration date.
  2. Non-exclusive, so you do not have exclusive rights to use of the image and RealPhotos.net can license the same image to others.
  3. Unlimited number of times that you can use the file(s), with a print limit of 1,000,000 runs unless written authorization is given by RealPhotos.net to make additional runs.
  4. No unlawful, pornographic or defamatory use.
  5. No commercial use of “editorial only” photos.
  6. No use in trademark or logo.
  7. Stand-alone download/distribution/sales not allowed.
  8. No false representation of authorship, but you do not have to acknowledge the source of your downloaded image.
  9. Resale not allowed where the primary content is the image downloaded.
  10. Others who can use your download include only your employer, employees, client(s) and subcontractors.
  11. The content is owned exclusively by RealPhotos.net, even after download.


At this point in time, the only prints offered are produced on TruLife Acrylic and the prices include shipping (within the United States) direct to the customer.  Although the prices aren’t cheap, they’re competitive with other TruLife Acrylic mounted work done by highly qualified professional photographers.  More specifically:

  • Each print comes ready to hang.
    • The hanging apparatus isn’t a flimsy wire or bracket, but, rather, a museum quality wood back-structure.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the print is made on Fuji-Flex Crystal Archive silver halide paper.  Specifically:
    • The colors are vibrant, yet real.
    • The process is chemical based instead of a cheap laser-sprayed print as what is commonly offered.
    • The product is much more fade-resistant than common prints.
    • The print is face mounted on the back side of TruLife Acrylic
  • TruLife Acrylic provides a very high-quality presentation.  Specifically:
    • While providing a glossy finish, it’s a non-glare finish.  Thus, the finish provides the maximum possible viewing experience.
    • The acrylic front is 1/8 of an inch thick for durability.
    • The acrylic front can be washed/cleaned with mild soap and water.
      • Do not clean with an ammonia-based glass cleaner such as Windex
    • The back of the picture is protected with a 3 mm Sintra back.  Thus, the final product is nearly 1/4 inch thick, not including the museum quality back-structure.
    • The TruLife Acrylic provides another layer of 95+% UV protection, on top of the UV protection provided by the silver halide chemical process print.  Thus, while we don’t recommend hanging a print in direct sunlight, your print should maintain accurate, vibrant colors for decades to come with minimal care.
  • Although TruLife Acrylic prints are commonly displayed without a frame for a contemporary look, one can surround the product with a frame of their choice for a more traditional look.
    • The TruLife Acrylic saves the cost of putting a glass in front of the print.
      • Also, commonly used glass produces substantial glare and museum glass is expensive.  Hence, the end product, with all things considered, is a cost-effective, high value, reasonable durability work of art.
  • All prints are American made and ship via a reasonable and reliable shipping company, typically within 7-10 days of your order.  RealPhotos.net will notify you at the outset if any delays are expected.